Workshop on Hearing Screening and new Technologies

Brussels 28 January 2009

Download of presentations and posters (pdf)


Invitation and Program

Opening and Welcome Session

  1. Welcome and Introduction:  Prof.Dr. Tammo Houtgast, scientific coordinator HearCom,VUmc, NL
  2. Living with Hearing Loss: How Technology can Help: Katherine Phipps, The Royal National Institute for Deaf People (RNID), UK
  3. Hearing Screening in Europe: Prof.Dr. Bruno Frachet, Association Presbyacusie, FR
  4. FP7 Research and Policies for Accessible and Assistive ICT: Dr. Rolf Riemenschneider, DG Information Society and Media, EU
  5. Hearing Industry Perspectives for EU funded Hearing Research: Dr. Nikolai Bisgaard, GN Resound, DK
  6. HearCom Products

Session 1A: Hearing Screening in Europe

Session 1B: Wireless Services for Hearing Aids  

  1. Optimal Codec for Wireless Communication Links:  Prof. Dr. Bastiaan Kleijn, KTH, SE

Session2A: Auditory Profile in Europe

  1. The Composition of the Auditory Profile: Prof. Dr. Mark Lutman, ISVR, UK
  2. Implementation of the Auditory Profile on OMA: Dr. Daniel Berg, HörTech, DE

Session 2B: Hearing Aid Developments

  1. Signal Processing for Hearing Aids:  Prof.Dr. Arne Leijon, KTH, SE
  2. Perceptual Evaluation of Signal Enhancement Strategies:  Dr. Koen Eneman, KUL, BE
  3. Listening Effort Scaling and Preference Rating for Hearing Aid Evaluation: Dr. Michael Schulte, HZO, DE


Posters of Demonstrations (partial)

Note: some poster have been reduced due to (external) copyright.

  1. List of demonstrations
  2. 1A-1: Hearing Screening by Telephone
  3. 1A-2: Hearing Screening by Internet
  4. 1B-1: Personal Communication Link
  5. 1B-2: Wireless Public Announcement
  6. 2A-1: Auditory Profile on OMA
  7. 2B-1: Signal Enhancement Algorithms
  8. 2B-2: Personal Hearing System