Standardised evaluation procedures

To quantify the functional benefits of signal enhancement techniques, assessment methods and procedures were defined and explored, like speech perception in adverse conditions, sound localisation and listening comfort. In case of speech, the nature of the test material should be comparable across languages. This standardisation should include also a set of relevant (simulated) environmental reference conditions. A set of selected signal processing schemes was evaluated physically and perceptually with the proposed methods and procedures. All studies
in this workpackage are related to the evaluation as a whole: person plus hearing instrument.

The following topics were addressed:

  1. Definition and evaluation of one or more sets of speech material, and measuring procedures, which lead to comparable data on speech reception across languages.

  2. Definition and evaluation of relevant sets of environmental conditions for laboratory tests (type of interfering noise, room acoustics), representative for daily life situations.

  3. Definition and evaluation of a test on sound localisation (conditions, procedure) that is relevant for spatial hearing in daily life.

  4. Definition and evaluation of a clinical test for listening comfort and listening effort.

  5. Evaluation of signal processing strategies for signal enhancement in hearing devices using the proposed evaluation methods and procedures.

  6. Easy access to the results (CD-ROM, Internet), and transfer of knowledge for implementation.