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This site is for anyone who is interested in issues related to hearing and communication - including members of the public as well as professionals who are already working with or who are interested in issues related to hearing.

The site contains information relevant to hearing screening, diagnosis and rehabilitation across Europe, and is produced by HearCom, a European funded research project. For more information about the HearCom consortium, see About the Project.

If you’d like step by step advice about hearing loss and its management, then HearCompanion is here to help you!  This unique guide to understanding the process of having your hearing tested, getting hearing aids (if you need them), and of all the other forms of support available, will tell you what you need to know.  

More detailed information about the scientific and technical aspects of hearing and communication is collected and updated in the Professionals area. The members of the HearCom consortium aim to keep this website as up to date as possible after the end of the HearCom project.

Why is communication so important?

Communication is very important in all areas of life. It is important that new technology in society makes communication easier. For example, if we lose our hearing, we can sometimes struggle with things that we were able to do easily in the past. HearCom seeks to provide tools and solutions to improve communication for hard of hearing and deaf people, as well as second language users and people in noisy environments.

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