Getting a hearing device

This page is under development, but here is a general outline, which may be able to help you if you live in the UK. We will provide more detail soon for those living in the UK and other countries in Europe.
If you live in the UK ….
You can get a hearing aid free of charge on the NHS or you can buy one privately. In any case you should go to your GP first, if you are experiencing any problems with your hearing as he/she may be able to offer you advice and may refer you for further treatment. Your GP will also be able to refer you to your local audiology department for a hearing aid or to discuss cochlear implants with a specialist.
If you want to buy a hearing aid privately, you should visit a fully qualified registered hearing aid dispenser. Please contact the RNID Information Line on 0808 808 0123 who will have a list of hearing aid dispensers in your area. However they will not be able to recommend a particular dispenser to you. Make sure you are aware of all the costs involved before buying the aid(s).