My Status

There are a number of common stages associated with getting your hearing tested, obtaining hearing aids and learning how to use them. In order to help us provide you with the most relevant information at all times, we'll need to know what stage you are currently at.

The list of statements below describes these common stages. Please read each of these statements carefully and select the one that applies best to your current situation.

You can come back to the My Status page at any time to update your status and receive new information. To do this, just click on the My Status option on the menu to the left


• “I am concerned about my hearing. I have not been to see anyone about this and would like some information about what to do next”.

• “I have recently been to see my GP about my hearing and am now waiting to be seen by an NHS audiologist”.

• "I have recently been to have my hearing tested - either at an NHS audiology department or a private hearing aid dispenser. I'm now waiting for an appointment to have a hearing aid fitted".

• "I have recently been fitted with hearing aids, which I am now trying out at home. I have an appointment to return to my audiologist soon to discuss this".

• "I have been fitted with hearing aids, and have been back to see my audiologist at least once since then".

• "I have been fitted with hearing aids, which I am very happy with. I do not plan on returning to see my audiologist in the near future."