What now?

Now that you have your hearing aids and have got through the first couple of weeks or so – What now?

Probably the most important advice you can receive as a new hearing aid user is . . .

Persevere, but have realistic expectations!

It can take each person different amounts of time to adapt to using hearing aids, so it is important not to feel discouraged if friends and family who have worn hearing aids themselves have been able to progress at a slightly faster rate. While today’s digital hearing aids use sophisticated technology that can make a great improvement to the quality of your life and hearing, it is important to remember that they are what they are called – aids to hearing. Hearing aids do not bring back lost hearing, but they enable you to make the most of the hearing you still have. If you remember this, your expectations will be realistic. And you will understand if there are situations in which you still struggle to hear, just as those who do not have a hearing loss do at times.

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